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DeHyal+ is a freeze-dried hyaluronidase powder intended to reduce adverse effects and complications resulting from hyaluronic acid implantation. It is an effective solution for the depolymerization and hydrolysis of chemical bonds in cross-linked hyaluronic acids. Breakage of the crosslinking agent results in immediate degradation of the acid and minimization of negative consequences and complications arising from its administration.


- elimination of the excessive amount of hyaluronic acid administered (overcorrection)

- lasting bumps or irregularities at the acid implantation site

- foreign type granulomas

- unwanted displacement of the filler

- accidental administration of cross-linked acid into the arteries or blood vessel, which can lead to embolism and necrosis

- undesirable transparency of the filler product due to excessively superficial deposition of hyaluronic acid

- chronic swelling due to vessel compression or water retention at the filler application site

- intolerance to hyaluronic acid or crosslinking agent.


- pregnancy and breast feeding

- cancer

- unstable diabetes

- epilepsy

- immune system diseases

- blood disorders associated with excessive bleeding

- hypersensitivity or allergy to one of the components of the preparation, in particular to hymenoptera venom and to bovine and ovine proteins.


- Hyaluronidase - 1500 IU


Activate the product by adding 10ml of saline solution. Before use, perform an awareness test on the inner side of the forearm. Wait 5 minutes and ensure that the application site does not present a positive vesicle, accompanied by erythema. Consider the presence of non-intense erythema or vascular macule as a negative reaction. Apply the product to cleansed skin until the desired effect is achieved. Do not exceed 150 IU/ml of hyaluronic acid. The effects of applying the product are immediate, and the activation time in the skin is 24-48 hours. If results are insufficient, repeat the treatment. Before carrying out the procedure, it is imperative to conduct a medical interview, eliminate contraindications and obtain informed consent to carry out the procedure, and inform the patient about possible results and possible side effects .

possible results and possible side effects. Incorrect application or not in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations can lead to complications and side effects.


Applying DeHyal+ may cause redness, swelling, pain, or slight bruising at the treatment site. Typically, these changes are mild and disappear after a few days. In extremely rare cases, use of the product may result in a serious allergic reaction. To exclude it, it is recommended to carry out an allergy test.


To achieve optimal treatment results and safe recovery, it is necessary to:

do not wear makeup for a maximum of 12 hours

avoid sunbeds and excessive exposure to the sun for one week after treatment

do not expose the treatment site to extremely low or high temperatures.


- Read the instructions before use 

- the preparation is intended only for professional use by doctors and medical personnel

- before use it is recommended to obtain informed consent to carry out the procedure and to carry out an allergy test to exclude the risk of intolerance

- apply the product only to healthy skin

- use the contents of the package for a single application and do not re-sterilize it

- do not use the product after the expiry date and in case the ampoule is damaged or has been poorly stored.


The contents of the ampoules were sterilized with hot air.


Do not use the product after the expiration date and if the packaging is damaged or has been improperly stored. Store the product in its original packaging at a temperature of 15-25°C, protect it from frost and direct sunlight. Use package contents for one application only and do not re-sterilize.