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ASIAN CENTELLA 2% (Collagen stimulation and anti-cellulite)

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Box of 5 10 ml bottles

Asian Centella stands out for its astringent, antiseptic, dermoprotective, anti-inflammatory and protective properties.

Asian Centella has a stimulating activity of collagen synthesis:

Therefore, the active ingredients of gotu kola have modulatory properties on the development and metabolism of connective tissue.

Mainly, one of the mechanisms of action of this plant seems to be the stimulation of type 1 collagen production.

Asian Centella helps to improve healing, with better repetition and normalization of perivascular connective tissue, finally allowing an improvement in the tone and elasticity of the venous walls.


  • Professional use.
  • Exclusive topical use.
  • Apply with a gentle massage.
  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes or wounds.


Store in a cool, dry place,Protect from light.,Use immediately after opening,Sterile product.


  • Do not inject. Cosmetic product. Do not eat. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.