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CURE OF 2 TELOMERE BOXES (40-50 years)

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It's time to give your Telomeres a new lease of life! Fortunately, the signs of aging are not irremediable and can be reduced with the Intensive treatment. When there is no longer any protection by the telomeres, the chromosome deteriorates during cell divisions. The cell enters senescence and then dies. At the same time, our tissues, made of cells, age and organs function less well. It is therefore recommended depending on your metabolism of a person between 40-50 years old to revive your telomeres with an Intensive Cure over 2 months.
If telomeres shorten as cell divisions progress, it is because their length is linked to our age. It is a physiological clock that tells us about our state of health. aging. With a dosage for 2 months at a rate of 4 capsules per day to be taken with a large glass of water, preferably 2 in the morning during breakfast, and 2 during lunch during the meal, Telomere+ Anti-Aging is the treatment par excellence to give you back a boost of youth, renewed energy and you bring the first convincing results.

2 boxes of 120 capsules for 30 days of treatment (4 capsules per day) Renewable twice a year with a one-month break