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CURE OF 3 TELOMERE BOXES (50 years and over)

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It has been noted by researchers that the length of telomeres is linked to the longevity potential of each person and makes it possible to define the age of a cell. At age 50 and , the length of telomeres has reduced considerably compared to birth. With age, the length of our telomeres decreases with each cell division, until it becomes such that it no longer allows the chromosomes to be protected: the survival of the cells concerned is then threatened, and on a larger scale, that of the tissues. that they constitute, or even the entire organism. To regain energy, vitality and reboost your telomeres, an in-depth treatment is recommended for your age over 3 months.
When telomerase becomes inactive, our cells can no longer repair their chromosomes, they age and eventually die. But when the enzyme remains active, it can allow cells to become immortal by multiplying infinitely. There is therefore indeed a direct relationship between low levels of telomerase, the loss of telomeres and cellular senescence, with, ultimately, the aging of tissues and the numerous organ dysfunctions which ensue: the risks of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, infections, diabetes, fibrosis, metabolic syndromes and cancers are high. With this long-term youth treatment, you see convincing results, you regain cellular youth by reactivating telomerase. It’s the ultimate anti-aging treatment!
We offer this long-term treatment at an unbeatable price!

Or 3 boxes of 120 capsules for 90 days of treatment (4 capsules per day)

Renewable twice a year with a one-month break