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DEXPANTHENOL (Improves cell regeneration)

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Box of 20 Ampoules of 5 ml

Dexpanthenol increases skin elasticity and hydration, helps in the regeneration and restructuring of skin cells

Very hydrating, it is recommended as an aid in the treatment of very dry and fragile skin, as well as skin damage due to the sun.

Dexpanthenol improves cell regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used to treat alopecia.

Active ingredients:

  • Phantenol or vitamin B5

Main duties:

  • Moisturizing and calming properties
  • Trophic activity on the epithelium and lipid metabolism and is effective in the treatment of seborrheic alopecia

Dexpanthenol is recommended for:

  • All skin types, especially sensitive and dry
  • Excellent in skin exposed to the sun
  • Dry Hair Effects
  • Increases skin moisture level
  • Provides greater elasticity to the skin