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IDEBENONE (Antioxidant)

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Idebenone 5x5ml description

Idebenone from the Similidiet laboratory is a molecule similar to coenzyme Q10 but of even higher quality.

Idebenone is a valuable antioxidant and essential constituent essential for energy production in the body.

Idebenone contains all the qualities of coenzyme Q10, providing even more powerful and more diversified protection since it protects collagen and elastin, while increasing the general elasticity of the skin.

Studies have shown that idebenone is a much more powerful antioxidant than CoQ10 since it is capable of stopping free radicals 30 to 100 times more effectively than vitamin E or vinpocetine.

It preserves the mitochondria which are vital cells particularly exposed to free radicals and therefore to aging.

Results – Idebenone Simildiet 5x5ml

  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Reduction of pigment spots

The skin regains

  • hydration
  • firmness
  • elasticity


This product must be administered by authorized professionals.

  • Remove makeup, clean and degrease properly.
  • Apply the product directly to the face.
  • Massage with the head of the dermaroller or Dermapen for 10 to 15 minutes.

The recommended duration of the complete treatment is once a week for 5 weeks or 1 session every 15 days for 2 or 3 months or 1 session every month for 6 months.


Idebenone should not be injected.

Once the bottle has been opened, it must be thrown away.


Water, PEG-40, hydrogenated castor oil, dimethylaminoethanol tartrate, sodium chloride, glycerin, hydroxylated uboquinone, denatured alcohol, sodium hydroxide, fruit extract, Acetyl cysteine, potassium, potassium sarbate.

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