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Promesse filler


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The Meso Roller Dermaroller is a roller with microneedles, which are finer than a single strand of hair.

It is a revolutionary device that helps active products to be absorbed into the skin.

These microneedles pass along the surface of the skin, they open small channels which improve the absorption of cosmetic and mesotherapeutic products.

Additionally, these microneedles stimulate the bottom layer of the skin, which uses its own collagen to fill and smooth out wrinkles and scars.

The price increases the absorption rate of active products by 200 to 1000 times, which increases the effectiveness of products for topical use.

It is easy to use, can be used for any skin type, cheaper than other treatments, increases the skin's collagen levels without damaging it and works no downtime.

For this reason, the Meso Roller is perfect for applying mesotherapy products at home.