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Jade Stone Roller

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The jade roller is an incredible semi-precious stone Chinese skincare tool for inner and outer beauty dating back to the 7th century. Perfected for millennia and the beauty secret of empresses, it improves the appearance and health of the skin thanks to a gentle and relaxing massage. The action of massage on the face helps with lymphatic drainage, the body's main detoxification system, and participates in the production of collagen for more supple, smoother skin and a brighter complexion. It’s also a real moment of relaxation in your beauty routine!

To smooth features, deflate the face and puffiness, even out the complexion and allow treatments to penetrate.

This stone symbolizes luck and self-confidence.

Jade stays cold for a long time in contact with the skin and tightens enlarged pores. It is excellent for all dermatological conditions like acne, eczema, etc. In lithotherapy, it is also known to attract luck and opportunities.

Below, the main benefits of the jade roller:

Improves skin elasticity and radiance
Reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines
Decongests the face and under the eye
Tightens enlarged pores and promotes healing
Reduces facial muscle tension
Helps skincare products penetrate better

How to use the jade roller?

We recommend using it daily on clean face twice a day (morning and evening) for 1-2 minutes for optimal results. This is how Asian women use the jade roller in their skincare ritual.