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SALICYLIC 20% TREATMENT PACK (Treats blackheads, blackheads and acne)

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Box including: 6 Meso Salycilic peeling bottles 5 ml, 1 neutralizing peeling spray 50 ml, 6 post-peeling mask 20 ml, 1 anti-aging cream 50 ml


Meso Salicylic Pack is for fair skin, wrinkle reduction and blackhead treatment, salicylic acid is the new generation of products to improve appearance and treat blemishes.


It is an effective exfoliant that improves signs of aging and sun damage.

It breaks the protein bonds between the layers of the skin, which is why exfoliation is faster.

For acne, salicylic acid has several properties that make it very effective.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce acne inflammation immediately.