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SALICYLIC REMOVING (Reduces sebum production, eliminates the corneal layer and smoothes the skin)

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Box of 20x5 ml

Salicylic Removing improves the epidermis and renews the skin, improves the appearance of pro-acne skin, eliminates imperfections, revitalizes and restores the skin's youthful glow.

Effect: Anti-inflammatory reduces sebum production eliminates the corneal layer and smoothes the skin ( salicylic acid)

Reduces the production of keratin as a natural substance, it reduces bacterial growth


  • Clean the skin with Byphasic lotion
  • Apply Salicylic Removing with a light massage to the face and neck.
  • Apply the ampoules every 2 days.
  • For intensive treatment application every day for 1 month
  • Can also be used with the DermaPen / roller.